Personal exhibitions abroad

1996 Asko's gallery, St.Gallen-Switzerland
1996 Ripustus gallery, H?meenlinna-Finland
2000 Art Konsult Gallery, New Delhi-India
2001 Nehru Center, Mumbai-India
2003 Kunstreich gallery, Bern-Switzerland
2005 Ripustus Gallery, Hameenlinna-Finland
2006 Velea Gallery, Bacau-Romania, "Royal Garden Blues"
2008 Ripustus Gallery, Hameenlinna-Finland, "White & gold"
2008 Frunzetti Gallery, Bacau-Romania, "Violet"
2011 Parliament Palace, “Constantin Brancusi” Gallery, Bucuresti-Romania, "All that blues"

Group exhibitions abroad

1999 Alinna gallery Riihimaki-Finland
2000 Tampere, "Greetings" Romanian?Finnish exhibition
2001 10th Triennale, New Delhi-India
2001 Romanian Cultural Center , Venice-Italy
2002 Accademia di Romania, Rome-Italy
2003 Nokia Museum, Finland
2004 Tiles Project, New York-USA
2004 Finroart XXI Arthovi, Hauho-Finland
2004 Finroart XXI Ripustus, H?meenlinna-Finland
2006 International EVERGREEN Art symposium, Hovinkartano-Finland
2006 Schweizer Kunstsupermarkt, Solothurn-Switzerland
2006 Gallery Wanhan Villan Taide, Hyvinkaa-Finland
2007 Archetypes-A tribute to Brancusi group exhibition, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi-India
2007 International EVERGREEN Art symposium, Hovinkartano-Finland
2007 International EVERGREEN Art symposium, Bacau-Romania
2007 FinRoArt XXI group exhibition, Thalia Hall, Sibiu-Romania
2008 Licht Kraft-European Cultural Association exhibition
2008 ART Symposium, Department of Arhitecture, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Bangalore-India
2009 EuropeArt`09, 18e Salon International d'Art, Geneva-Switzerland
2010 KunstSupermarkt, Solothurn-Switzerland
2010 "Retrospective de peinture roumaine", Haga-Holland
2010 Annual exhibition "Soleil de l`Est", Trousse-Barriere castle, Briare-France
2010 Annual exhibition "Soleil de l`Est", M. Mathurin and La Passerelle galleries, Tours-France
2011 Parliament Palace, "The Journey of the Cherry Flower", Bucharest-Romania

Stage & costume design at Bacovia Theatre, Bacau

1997 Look back in anger-John Osborne, costume design
1997 Lost in the twilight-George Genoiu, costume design
1997 Ministers make mistakes too-Ray Cooney, scenography
1997 Escu-Tudor Musatescu, scenography
1998 Article 111-Stefan Haralamb, scenography
1998 The hypochondriac-Moliere, costume design
1998 Chirita & comp-Vasile Alecsandri, scenography
1998 Three penny beggars opera-John Gay & Bertolt Brecht, scenography
1999 Ball at the castle-Jean Anpuilh, costume design
1999 Tango story-S. Mrozek & S. Plath, costume design
1999 A stormy night-I.L. Caragiale, costume design
1999 A midsummer night's dream-William Shakespeare, scenography
2000 The week of torments-Paul Anghel, costume design
2000 The history of mad cows-DR Popescu, costume design
2000 The coffee shop-Carlo Goldoni, costume design
2000 The French professor-Tudor Musatescu, scenography
2001 The lesson-Eugen Ionescu, scenography
2001 Imported sun-in-law-Viorel Savin, scenography
2001 The boors-Carlo Goldoni, scenography
2001 The Cezar's woman-Ion Luca, scenography
2002 I adore you girl-Liviu Rebreanu, scenography
2002 Playing with holiday-Mihail Sebastian, costume design
2002 The dead from the attic-G.I. Calinescu, costume design
2003 Hedda Gabler-Henrik Ibsen, scenography
2003 As you like it-William Shakespeare, scenography
2003 House of pleasures-Gorgey Gabor, costume design
2004 Titanic waltz-Tudor Musatescu, costume design
2004 From the carnival-I.L. Caragiale, costume design
2005 The Market-Carlo Goldoni, costume design
2005 Don Quijote the Boxer-Mircea M. Ionescu, scenography
2008 Nora-Henrik Ibsen, scenography
2010 O scrisoare pierduta (A lost letter)-I.L.Caragiale, scenography
2010 Miss July-Strindberg, scenography

1993 The Great prize of Romanian Ministry of Culture-Moldavian Salons
1980-2007 More than 50 of group exhibitions in Romania
1997-2007 President of Cultural Foundation FINROART XXI
2009 Art residency in Briare - France, "Soleil de l`Est" Association
2010 Documenting travel to Finland
2011 The prize of Artists Union of Moldavia - Moldavian Salons

Shell of time

I?m a child in the sea of colours
sitting on a shell
eating an orange
singing for clouds
the winds are moving
the waves of blue
one drop is coming around me
and all is purple
how you can imagine
sitting on a shell

Abstract time

Take the white
Dress all you have
Golden forms
Siver lights
Are coming together
Come inside of the white
Black is there
Just one drop
Or big line walking
From Heaven of clouds it takes


Time is abstract
I fix my eyes on YOU, GOD
I leave no traces of the Real
And I?m not afraid of Colour
I begin with Chaos
The Colour through me
Is working for an image of
Another World
I?m going on
Towards Surprise

My Time

Take a drop
Of course of gold
Let it fall down
Of course
You are in the sky with GOD
He is taking you by hand
Just in this TIME
You let
The Golden drop
The Silver one
To fly
Going into happiness